Kathy Griffin Hints Marcus Bachmann Is Gay On The Late Late Show (VIDEO)

Having already called out Michele Bachmann on a late night show for the Congresswoman and presidential candidate's anti-gay bigotry, Kathy Griffin is moving on to include the Minnesota Republican's controversial husband in her line of fire.

After discussing a number of pressing issues with "Late Late Show" host Craig Ferguson, including her breasts and how to meet a man while hiking, Griffin turned to politics and Bachmann's husband, who runs a controversial clinic in Minnesota that allegedly works to use prayer to reverse its patients homosexuality.

"The Bravo special was supposed to be called 'Pray the Gay Back.' You get the Marcus Bachmann joke? Marcus Bachmann is one of my new favorite targets, he's Michele Bachmann's husband," Griffin laughed. "Okay, he's very anti-gay and LGBT rights, and it's odd, because if you look at him on YouTube, it's almost as if he himself... or, it's as if..."

At this point, Ferguson jokingly warned Griffin, who boasts a large gay fan base and earlier in the show even called herself a gay man, to take care with her wording.

"I would say that Marcus Bachmann reminds me of a lot of the type of men who come sees my live shows," she continued. "And he wants people to pray the gay away, and so I was going to call the special 'Pray the Gay Back.''

Bravo, however, decided to go with the much more traditional title of "Kathy Griffin: Pants Off." TV execs, always going the conservative route.