Kathy Griffin In Love With Computer Billionaire

Just one year after a bitter a divorce from husband Matt Moline, it looks like Kathy Griffin may be ready to walk down the aisle again. We spotted Griffin with boyfriend and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak at the Emmys, and the fiery comic was sporting what appeared to be an engagement ring. "I don't kiss and tell," the usually forthcoming Griffin told Usmagazine.com.

The couple did reveal that they met in Saratoga where Wozniak came to see Griffin perform. "I was a fan of hers before we met," he tells Us. "I love her personality and her quick thinking. I think we have so much in common." Quips Griffin, who later shared chocolate covered strawberries with Wozniak at the Entertainment Tonight party at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, "The thing is he doesn't realize that I am the brains of the operation and he is like some dumb bimbo that I picked up!"

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