Kathy Griffin Is Sick Of The 'Same Middle-Age White Guys' On Late Night TV

Kathy Griffin is sick and tired of the dearth of women on the late night TV schedule.

During a conversation with HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill about her new comedy album "Look At My Butt Crack," Griffin weighed in on what she wants to see happen in the late night landscape.

"Historically, it's kind of about time that a woman got that slot, because it's been the same middle age white guys, and the'yre really funny and I love them all. I'm just saying, people forget it hasn't been since Joan Rivers -- first she took over for Johnny Carson, of course, then went to Fox -- and since then...," Griffin said. "I mean, I love Chelsea [Handler] and Chelsea's on cable, but it's time for a woman to have the nightly network spot."

But that won't happen unless executives stop clinging to inaccurate ideas about the bankability of women on television, Griffin said.

"One really, really big showrunner told me, 'Well, there's a dirty secret in situation comedy. They won't tell you that situation comedies that are spearheaded by women, starring women, don't make any money,'" Griffin said. "To which I said, 'Oh yeah, like 'I Love Lucy'? That really lost a lot of money. Nobody made a dime from 'I Love Lucy.'"

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