Kathy Griffin Coped With Clownish Pout After Getting Her Lips Tattooed

Griffin's family and friends couldn't help but laugh at her super-swollen mouth.

Kathy Griffin’s latest makeover wasn’t an instant success.

The comedian shared her experience with lip tattooing in a short YouTube video last Friday, showing people how she went from a skeptic to a full supporter of the procedure... once she recovered from it.

In the video, Griffin gave fans a full view of her salon “lip blushing” treatment, which is a semi-permanent tattoo that is supposed to enhance the color and fullness of your lips. It appears that she had the procedure in early July.

While the stand-up was excited to show her new pout to her husband, Randy Bick, he was completely startled by his wife’s swollen lips. The music producer practically leaped from his desk before breaking into a full-bellied chuckle.

Griffin earned a similar reaction when she went to friend and actor Kristen Johnston for a second opinion.

“I’m fucked, look at me,” she told an almost-speechless Johnston.

Trying to keep her composure, Johnston asked, “What did you do? That’s not real.”

The star then revealed her dramatically plump, bright red lips in a selfie.

“Well, Kristen thinks it’s noticeable. But we’re gonna go to the Fourth of July parade. I don’t think anybody will be able to tell,” Griffin laughed.

The clownish pout didn’t last forever, though. After some healing, Griffin showed that her lips had stopped swelling and that the color had faded to a soft pink hue.

The jokester admitted that she had underestimated how intense the healing process would be, telling People magazine, “I didn’t know it would be that bad. I could not stop laughing even though it was painful to laugh for about four days.”

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