Kathy Griffin's Pap Smear: Poolside, Televised & Bedazzled

Kathy Griffin's Pap Smear: Poolside, Televised & Bedazzled

Kathy Griffin wants to do for pap smears what Katie Couric has done for colonoscopies.

Griffin plans to get a pap smear while being filmed for her show "My Life on the D-List," but will spice it up by forgoing the hospital for a poolside procedure.

She will also decorate her vagina, a la Jennifer Love Hewitt, with a bedazzler, so she'll be vagazzled. She's also invited the press to come watch.

From the press release:

On Friday, April 16th, she will receive this important test in hopes that every woman will see how easy it is to get this done. She will receive this test poolside at the Palomar Hotel, located at 10740 Wilshire Blvd. in Westwood by a veteran medical physician at 12pm. This is will be taped for her hit reality show "My life on the D- List." Kathy feels that this cause is so important that she has bedazzled her "va-jay-jay," so it can be as 'va-beautiful' as it 'va-can.'

Kathy's goal is to get the word out about women's health. She wants to say "Suck it to Cancer" and educate women all across the world about keeping their bodies healthy and of course inform them about when they should be getting their check-ups.

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