Kathy Ireland Is The Richest Model In The World With $2 Billion Retail Empire (PHOTOS)

While model Gisele Bundchen makes a staggering amount of money ($45 million over the course of a year, in fact), there's another supermodel who's taking in even more bank than the Brazilian stunner: Kathy Ireland.

With a net worth of $350 million dollars, Kathy makes an additional $2 billion dollars off her retail empire, according to a new profile in Forbes magazine.

Which means that Ireland has even surpassed rumored billionaire Jessica Simpson in revenue. Dang! Get it, Kathy.

Ireland, 48, started in modeling at age 17, setting herself on the fast path to become one of the '80s most popular supermodels. Starting in 1984, she graced the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for a whopping 13 consecutive years.

After launching a line of socks that became a smash hit at Kmart in the early '90s, Ireland expanded her brand, which is now sold around the world and includes apparel, area rugs, wedding dresses, ceiling fans, carpeting, wigs, futons, jewelry and office furniture. In addition, she's taped fitness videos, worked as an actress and written six books.

Which isn't to say that Kathy stays out of the Hollywood spotlight entirely. She attended the 2010 Oscars, looking gorgeous in a black dress on the red carpet. But still, she mostly shies away from the cameras: girl's got a business to run.