Kathy Lee Gifford Coins Poughkeepsie as the New Euphemism for the Big O

Kathy Lee & Hoda's Memorial Day show will certainly be memorable for the City of Poughkeepsie in New York State. On that program Kathy Lee Gifford coined Poughkeepsie as a new euphemism for the female orgasm. The fact that there are many slang words for the male orgasm but very few for the female version may have given Kathy Lee the need to create a new term.

Why did Kathy Lee choose Poughkeepsie over other deserving cities like Walla Walla or Albuquerque? Could it be that Poughkeepsie is the home to Vassar College, the bastion of female liberaliam? Or that before reaching Poughkeepsie Amtrak trains have to go through a long tunnel at Breakneck Ridge. Perhaps it was that the Queen City of the Hudson was the birthplace of femme fatale and muse to Man Ray, photographer Lee Miller. Needless to say, Kathy Lee must have been aware that the meaning of Poughkeepsie from the Delaware Indian word meaning "safe and pleasant harbor" and that one of its main thoroughfares is Hooker Avenue. Nevertheless, will the new phrase for discovering the elusive female pleasure spot be "Finding the Poughkeepsie Gypsy"?

Now that Poughkeepsie has entered the sexual pantheon will the city fathers try to capitalize on the fact. Only time will tell.