Kathy Myers, Uninsured Woman, Shoots Herself In Shoulder To Get ER Treatment (VIDEO)

An unemployed Michigan woman who was unable to afford medical treatment for a searing pain in her shoulder took matters into her own hands last week, shooting herself in the shoulder in a last-ditch effort to get into the ER.

Kathy Myers, 41, said she was pushed to the brink of desperation Thursday night because she was "crazy in pain," and the local hospital emergency room would give her no more than a handful of anti-inflammatory pills.

"Pain will make you do silly, crazy things," the 41-year-old Niles, Mich., woman said in a YouTube.com interview with News 8 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. "I knew they wasn't going to do anything, again. They said if it wasn't life-threatening, no health insurance, you can't get no help."

In the video, she reenacts how she covered her right shoulder and head with two pillows before pointing her .25-caliber handgun at her own body.

"I took the gun and went 'Boom!'" she said.

Myers was treated for the gunshot wound at Lakeland Community Hospital and released a few hours later, reports ABCNews.com. She said the self-inflicted wound did not help her achieve her goal.

"It didn't take the pain away," she told News 8.

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