'Kathy' Season Finale: Kathy Griffin Keeps Flashing Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

After a limited short run, the first season of Kathy Griffin's talk show came to a close this week. Jimmy Kimmel was the guest on the season finale of "Kathy" (Thu., 10 p.m. ET on Bravo), and he proved articulate, funny and very, very, very patient.

Griffin had Kimmel on with the apparent intention of dishing about popular culture with him, and they did do some of that. But Griffin also did a lot more of something else. For some reason, she decided to start flashing Kimmel, lifting her dress to show him her panties.

The viewers at home weren't left out either, as the camera caught the moment a few times. The constant flashing was certainly throwing Kimmel off, causing him to lose trains of thought. Was this a strategy to liven up what she felt was a conversation that was getting too serious, or was it just Kathy being Kathy?

Bravo has not made a decision on whether or not "Kathy" will return. The comedienne did some retooling along the way, so the show viewers saw at the end seemed more polished and certainly more star-filled than her inaugural efforts. But will "Kathy" it come back?

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