Kathy Spencer Reveals How She Feeds Family Of Six On $4 A Week (VIDEO)

Kathy Spencer Reveals How She Feeds Family Of Six On $4 A Week (VIDEO)

In these tough economic times we could all learn something from Massachusetts mother Kathy Spencer. Spencer has figured out, using coupons and other money-saving tricks, how to feed her family of six on just four dollars a week!

Spencer spends a few hours a week gathering coupons from newspapers, circulars and the Internet before she hits the supermarket:

Once you have a stockpile, you're good to go and you go through the ads, find out what works for free and then cut the coupons and go to the store. When I go to the store, I only buy what works out free or close to free, and that's how I do it for as little as I can.

Watch ABC's Good Morning America tag along on one of her shopping trips below, and click here for some of Spencer's money-saving grocery tips.

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