Katie Couric Recalls Workplace Sexism During 'Anchorman' Era (VIDEO)

The Hardest Thing Katie Couric Dealt With During The 'Anchorman' Era

Katie Couric and Connie Chung sounded off on their experiences with sexism in broadcasting for a segment about "Anchorman" on Monday's episode of Couric's show.

Chung and ABC News' Sam Donaldson joined Couric, along with Will Ferrell and David Koechner, to discuss how their real-life experiences compared to the movie.

"Ron Burgundy, I have worked with you for 35, 40 years," Chung half-joked to Ferrell — who played a sexist anchorman working with his network's first female co-host in the first "Anchorman" — during Monday's episode. "Every single guy I worked with was just like you! And I have so enjoyed despising you."

She said that Walter Cronkite and Donaldson did not fall into that category, but said there was definitely truth to her statement.

"But you did work with a lot of guys that, in all seriousness, reminded you a lot of Ron," Couric posed.

"They were so egotistical. They were so self-absorbed," Chung recalled. "They sit in their offices and, 'Cough, cough, harumph, good evening. Good evening."

Couric described her own experiences. "I got into the business in 1979, and I saw things steadily improve," she said. "Not always, and there were still some hold outs — not looking at you, Sam — but I do feel like women did evolve, but if it hadn't been for people like Connie, then people like me wouldn't have been able to do what we did."

"I always say I got into the business when harass was two words instead of one," she added.

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