Katie Couric Returns To 'Today' To Relive 1994 In New Super Bowl Ad

Katie Couric is back. And suddenly it's 1994.

Couric was back in Studio 1A Monday morning to preview her new BMW ad with former anchor Bryant Gumbel ahead of this year's Super Bowl. The commercial begins with the now classic 1994 moment during which Couric and Katie struggled on air to understand the term "Internet."

"Katie said she thought it was 'about,'" Gumbel said back in 1994, while trying to explain the "@" symbol.

"Or 'around,'" Couric added. "What is Internet anyway?"

"What do you write to it like mail?" Gumbel later asked.

The commercial then fast forwards 21 years later to Couric and Gumbel sitting in the new BMW i3, experiencing a similar dilemma, this time with understanding how electric cars work.

Watch the full commercial: