Katie Couric Caught On Tape: Giddy, Swearing, Imitating Meredith Vieira

In November, video of Katie Couric mocking Dan Rather found its way to the internet via Harry Shearer's My Damn Channel. Today, she may have added her Today Show replacement Meredith Vieira to her hit list.

In behind the scenes footage from Tuesday, January 8 — the evening of the New Hampshire primary, Couric's first major election from the anchor's chair — Katie was caught saying, "My voice is so low with this cold." She continued, "I feel like," before looking over her shoulder and switching to a deeper voice, "'Time for the weather, and Al,'" a reference to the Today Show and its weatherman, Al Roker.

Vieira's voice was a central feature of her New York Times Magazine profile last year, in which Lisa Belkin wrote, "It's the voice you notice first" and, "It is a voice often described as having 'gravitas,' the very thing nit-pickers said Couric lacked during the days when her switch to CBS was still mere speculation."

If you can't watch the whole clip, at least catch the last ten seconds, where Couric repeats her Vieira imitation for the second time. Other highlights include, but aren't limited to, Couric complaining about equipment ("Is that a bad monitor on top? Because I look so much better in the one below."), asking for clearer note cards, admitting "I don't know much about Huckabee," obsessing over Cindy McCain's eyes ("They're like, light ice blue. And she had a purple suit on and I was, I mean. They were so intense. I couldn't stop staring at her."), and uttering, "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit."