Katie Couric In 'Funny Or Die' Video: Bullies Children, Investigates 'The Sillies' (VIDEO)

Katie Couric uncovered a shocking and disturbing secret in a video for Funny or Die: a common playtime chant that promises children they can "shake the sillies out" doesn't even work.

The video coincided with a profile Couric did of the web comedy giant for "CBS Sunday Morning." In it, she heads over to a Chelsea preschool to tell a group of adorable tots that the home remedies they've been using to get the sillies (and the "crazies") out of their system are useless.

"You're living a lie," Couric tells the children. But the tables are turned when Couric tries to shake her own sillies away--and winds up becoming the tallest preschool bully we've ever seen.

Watch the video below, and then scroll down to see Couric impress the preschoolers with some magic tricks.

Watch Couric's magic trick: