Katie Couric Goes DIY On YouTube

Katie Couric Goes DIY On YouTube

Katie Couric has a YouTube channel, and she's not afraid to use it, or to appear on camera unprimped, or to get behind it when necessary — which is precisely what she did earlier this week after serving as moderator in a conversation with him at the Council of Foreign Relations, discussing his recent trip to Afghanistan, Pakistan India and Turkey. Then she tried to get him to say who he liked better, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama; he declined to profess a favorite ("I'm going to let the Democratic voters decide"). He did say that he thought either of them could beat John McCain ("John seems not willing to distance himself from the Bush foreign policy which has been a disaster for America"). Couric held the camera while talking to Biden, old-school style, and then exhorted him to checkit out on YouTube after, asking "Do you ever watch YouTube?" Aw. She's down with the lingo. Then she recommended her favorite YouTube clip about a little girl having a toilet-side funeral for her fish. So we know what Biden's doing today! Watch below:

Katie Couric's Recommended YouTube Viewing:
Lucky's Funeral [YouTube]*

*This is actually pretty sweetly hilarious, vintage YouTube — cute kid, hapless adults, and dead fish. The mother's speech is particularly moving.

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