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Katie Couric Slams Kate Middleton For Being 'Too Thin'

After a decently long lull, Kate Middleton's weight is the topic of conversation again. Katie Couric, an unlikely foe of Buckingham Palace, has reignited the debate after accusing the duchess of being "too thin" during a public Q&A. Ah, the unguarded media.

The television host has been the topic of her own buzz after a tumultuous departure from CBS and the pending launch of "Katie," her first daytime talk show premiering September 10. It was following a test taping of her new show that Katie was asked who her "dream guest" would be. Her response quickly went from praise to criticism:

I think it would be really interesting to interview Kate Middleton because I think she has comported herself so well since she has been thrust in the limelight. I think she needs to eat more because she’s so thin.

Whoa, that came out of nowhere. Considering Katie's relatively unbridled access to Buckingham Palace during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations (she even got to meet the Queen) for an ABC News Special, we can't imagine that the royals are going to be too happy about this. Not to mention, we don't think this was the best way to secure a nearly-impossible interview with the media elusive Duchess of Cambridge.

Katie's off-the-cuff comments are just the latest in the dialogue about Kate's weight. It was reported that she lost 10 pounds before her wedding to Prince William in April 2011 and people haven't really tired of the topic yet -- especially with a royal baby bump watch in action. Royals have kept mum when it comes to the duchess' svelte figure, but gossip columns have maintained that insiders at the palace think she's just "fine."

This topic is also a particularly sore spot for the royals who dealt with Princess Diana's bulimia. In the infamous 1995 interview for BBC, Diana told interviewer Martin Bashir what the royal family thought of her eating disorder: "They thought it was a waste of food." Hopefully, Kate Middleton and the palace don't take these latest comments about the duchess' weight to heart.

Do you think Katie was out of line to comment on Kate Middleton's weight? More importantly, is it ever constructive to incite eating disorder accusations so publicly?

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