Katie Couric Quietly Took $1 Million Pay Cut While At CBS To Save Jobs

She just asked that there be no “public or private acknowledgment” of the gesture.
Katie Couric
Katie Couric

She’s a cut above the rest.

Katie Couric took a $1 million pay cut when she was an anchor at “CBS Evening News” to prevent significant layoffs, Page Six, The New York Post’s gossip column, reported on Saturday. 

The journalist’s deed was revealed in “Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency” written by James Andrew Miller. The book mostly details the ascent of the Creative Artists Agency, but one classy tidbit stood out.

Couric asked that there be no “public or private acknowledgment” of the deed.

Miller unveiled Couric’s benevolent gesture after learning about it from Alan Berger, a television agent at CAA. 

Couric joined CBS in 2006 and three years into working there, found out that the company was planning on letting go a “significant” number of employees. To spare both high and entry level employees from getting pink slips, she met with Sean McManus, CBS News president at the time, and devised an alternative plan. 

She offered to slash her salary by $1 million to keep those staff members on board. 

Couric, who’s now a global news anchor at Yahoo, just asked that the money be allocated for the employees who would’ve otherwise been shown the door. She also requested that there be no “public or private acknowledgment” of the gesture.

Couric’s five-year salary with CBS was worth a reported $15 million a year, according to Reuters.

This was hardly Couric’s first foray into helping others.

Couric, who lost her sister and husband, Jay Monahan, to cancer, is a major advocate. 

In 2001, she had a colonoscopy on air on the “Today” show to encourage others to get screened. Due to the segment, there was a 20 percent spike in colonoscopies in the 10 years that followed, according to Self.

In 2008, she co-founded Stand Up To Cancer, a group that awards grants to support cancer research. It has raised more than $370 million since it launched.



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