Katie Couric Visits 'Pawn Stars,' Checks Out Unique Piece Signed By Mark Twain (VIDEO)

"Pawn Stars" got an injection of star power this week when a very famous face walked in. Katie Couric stopped by and dropped some major cash in the shop.

“So, tell me about this. This is a Mark Twain signature," Katie said to co-owner Rick Harrison.

“He used to give these out, scratch little things on a card, sign it and this one’s even dated: January 1900," Rick pointed out. “It’s a great piece of advice.”

“We ought never do wrong when anyone is looking," Katie read. She said she's a big fan of Twain's wry sense of humor and just had to have this piece. She managed to talk Rick down from $20,000, nabbing the piece for $12,000 instead. Rick said he "threw her a bone."

Katie filmed her visit to the Las Vegas pawn shop for her own show where she was seen taking an interest in another piece of historical significance. "That is the cigar box that say on the desk of the Oval Office that belonged to JFK," Rick explained in the video clip.

When Katie asked how much it was, Rick said he wanted $100,000 for it. That was too high for Katie, who left it there for some other history enthusiast.

Catch Katie Couric every weekday on her syndicated talk show, "Katie." The "Pawn Stars" are on the air every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on History.

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