People Just Won't Stop Stealing 'Katie Crotch Road' Signs

The thefts are costing a town hundreds of dollars each year.

For the second time in four years, residents of a Maine town will vote on whether or not to change the name of a street called Katie Crotch Road.

No one seems to know where the name came from, but it costs the town of Embden hundreds of dollars each year to replace signs presumably stolen by people who find the oddly vulgar-sounding moniker funny, the Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel reports.

“You put it up and in a week’s time it’s down again,” Charles Taylor of the town’s Board of Selectmen told the paper. “You would think every dorm room in the state of Maine should have one by now.”

Google confirms that yeah, there's a Katie Crotch Road.
Google confirms that yeah, there's a Katie Crotch Road.

In 2012, residents voted not to change the name to simply “Katie Road.” Saturday, they’ll be voting on whether to rename it “Cadie Road.”

Maybe Embden should take a cue from Fucking, Austria, where officials reportedly had signs bearing the town name welded to steel posts and the bases buried in concrete. Shitterton, England, had their own creative solution to sign theft, engraving the hamlet’s name in a huge rock that weighs more than a metric ton.

And to these multitudes of sign thieves, really? Sure, Katie’s Crotch Road is funny when you see it in the street, but is it really so hilarious hanging totally out of context on your wall? OK, maybe. But don’t ruin it for everyone else.



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