Katie Holmes Divorce: Actress Easing Back Into Normalcy

From catching yellow cabs to doing her own shopping, life has changed considerably for Katie Holmes since she filed for divorce, but it seems like the ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise couldn’t be happier.

"She looked really happy as she pushed Suri around Wholefoods in a shopping cart," one customer told me. "She picked out lettuce and orange juice and if it wasn’t for the fact that she was being followed by a personal bodyguard, she would have looked like any other shopper."

This is a far cry from the life she led with Tom, which included personal chefs and a staff that did all of the family's shopping. The mother and daughter have also exchanged luxury homes around the world for a three bedroom apartment in Chelsea, right on busy Seventh Avenue. Ironically, Tom’s ex Penelope Cruz also owns an apartment on the tenth floor of the building.

"She is keeping to herself," one resident tells me. "She has been very polite to everyone, but surprisingly we have not seen maids, butlers, personal chefs and the army of staff you associate with Tom descend upon the building. In fact, the only thing that has arrived since Katie and Suri [moved in] is the crazy amount of photographers camped outside each day."

The building has even put up barricades outside the front door to hold the press at bay.

"Katie saw all of her nieces and nephews going to school and having normal childhoods and she realized she wanted her daughter to have a normal childhood as well," a family friend told The Daily Beast.

The mom and daughter were even seen a few nights ago, getting into a yellow taxi after enjoying ice cream in the East Village -- normal seems to be Katie and Suri’s new religion. Could the subway be next?

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes