Katie Holmes To Divorce Tom Cruise... Will Her Pre-Tom Fashion Return? (PHOTOS)

Prepare for an Internet explosion: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are divorcing.

After five years of marriage, the pair is parting ways, Holmes's attorney Jonathan Wolfe told People exclusively. While there was tabloid speculation in recent weeks over the state of their relationship, the news comes as a bit of a surprise. After all, Cruise did just give Holmes his very own bejeweled codpiece as a gift... how could you divorce a guy after that?

Then again, flashy crotch jewelry hasn't been Katie's style in a while (er, ever). Since marrying her movie star hubby in November 2006, Katie has undergone a transformation of sorts. Previously most famous for her role as sweet Joey on "Dawson's Creek," the brunette brushed up her fashion chops, cutting her hair into that severe bob, starting an uber expensive fashion line (full of nondescript basics, natch) and ruling the red carpet like the A-list wife she'd become.

Then came Suri, the glammest six-year-old around. No OshKosh B'gosh for Katie's first tot -- Suri counts "fur" jackets and baby-sized heels among her favorite styles, not to mention the occasional lipstick.

But perhaps by chance (or maybe foreshadowing?) Katie's been embracing a more casual style recently. Double denim? Check. Visible gray hair? Check. Devil-may-care wardrobe malfunctions? Check.

Now we'll finally get to reacquaint ourselves with Katie sans Tom. Will her fashion continue its casual evolution, reminding us of her Joey days? Or will Katie remain as glam as ever?

Check out Katie's style changed over the years, from pre-marriage to wedded bliss, in our slideshow!

Katie Holmes' Style Evolution