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Katie Holmes Talks 'Dawson's Creek' Beauty Secrets, Avocado Hair Masks & Ombre Gone Wrong

I always thought Katie Holmes and I would make great friends ever since the days she played Joey Potter on "Dawson's Creek." (What girl growing up in the '90s couldn't relate to her teenage heartbreak?) And when the 34-year-old actress, designer and mother casually strolled into the John Barrett Braid Bar on Wednesday night to promote her latest beauty venture as co-owner of Alterna Haircare, she possessed that same down-to-earth coolness. But, of course, Holmes was having a much better hair day than her famous character.

After talking about our love for Alterna's new Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Mango Coconut scented dry shampoo (it smells amazing!), taking a selfless selfie with Holmes (she volunteered to snap the pic with her "long limbs") and watching her get an edgy side braid, I sat down with the stunning star to find out how I can get glowing skin just like hers, what her DIY makeup skills are like and if she misses her short haircut.

On the secret to her youthful-looking skin...

I do drink a lot of water. I work out a lot. I get a facial once a week [laughs]. I try to, especially in the city, stay moisturized. It can be so drying.

On the beauty habit she picked up while filming "Dawson's Creek"....

Well, we were shooting down in North Carolina, so sunscreen was a big thing for us. I do wear it every day because I like to be outside. I don't burn that easily, but I think that could be such a trap when you think, "Oh, I don't need sunscreen." But you still need it.

On if she ever does her own makeup for red carpet events...

Very rarely because it's hard to… professionals know what the cameras are going to do and I just haven't learned that yet.

On if she'll ever go back to wearing short hair...

I got the short hair when I was a new mom. So when I think about that cut, I think about my little one when she was that age and, of course, it makes me cry. She's so grown up now and she was so sweet at that age -- and still is obviously. But I don't know if I'll go back to it at this point because I like the versatility of long hair.

On her most horrific hair experience...

Well, I was sporting the ombré look before that was cool because I had dyed my hair for a job and then I just let it grow out. It looked awful! I just kept it that way. I didn't care and I don't' know what I was thinking. Every picture I see from that time period, I think, "That looks so bad." Well, I didn't care. I wanted my old hair back.

katie holmes

On homemade beauty recipes...

Once I did an avocado mask. It really made my hair soft! I just Googled it.

On her beauty icons...

Lauren Hutton
. Obviously, she's stunning but what she does and believes in is so beautiful. Hillary Clinton. My mother and every person under the age of five. I just learn so much from children, and they're so beautiful and should be celebrated every day.

On the makeup look she wish she could pull off...

I wish I had the eyes for a cat-eye. I don't know. I want that dramatic look like… Sophia Loren and the lashes.

Katie's come a long way in the style department, too:

Katie Holmes' Style Evolution

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