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Katie Holmes' Tan Lines: A Fashion Faux Pas? (PHOTOS)

'Tis the season for tan lines, as Katie Holmes demonstrated on Tuesday night. The actress hit up The High Line for a summer soiree thrown by Coach, posing in a toga-like white dress (that might have been a tad too big).

Also showcased on the "red carpet"? Katie's thin tan lines, a subtle sign that she's been hanging in a swimsuit recently. They weren't egregious, like some that we've seen. But they were enough to make us jealous that Katie's been doing some sunbathing... and enough to make us wonder if visible tan lines are truly a fashion faux pas.

Check out the photos. Do you think it's acceptable to step out with visible evidence of your suntanning?


katie holmes tan lines

katie holmes tan line

katie holmes tan lines

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