Katie Holmes Used To Pray For Tom Cruise As A Teen, Says Former Classmate

More surprising than Katie Holmes divorcing Tom Cruise, was the fact that she ever dated him in the first place.

In 2005, the public was understandably baffled as to how the then 26-year-old B-list actress hooked up with Cruise, then 42 and a blockbuster movie star. But according to a former classmate of Holmes, the relationship was almost predestined.

Angela Domschot claims to have attended the same private Catholic school, Notre Dame Academy, as Holmes and makes the strange allegation that the actress used to pray for Cruise when she was just a teenager.

“In religion class, when we were about 16, we would have to say prayers to keep a certain someone safe and out of harm,” Domschot, who is now a police officer in Toledo, Ohio, told Celebuzz. “Katie would say it for Tom Cruise. We did that every day, so she would have said thousands of prayers for him."

Holmes' former classmate also went on to say that the "Dawson's Creek" star kept secret photos of the actor hidden inside her textbooks, and said that getting married to Tom was "her dream come true."

If Domschot's claims simply appear as though trying to milk whatever attention she can out of her former classmate's celebrity, it's worth noting that when Holmes was still engaged to actor Chris Klein in 2004 she told reporters, "I think every little girl dreams about her wedding. I used to think I was going to marry Tom [Cruise]."

Holmes ended her two-year engagement with Klein just a month before she began dating Cruise, and though she may have had her childhood dream come true, it appears to have ended as a nightmare.

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