'Scandal' Star Katie Lowes Was Connie Britton's Nanny Before She Made It Big

Lots of actors work odd jobs before they get their big breaks, and it looks like Katie Lowes is no different. Her pay-the-bills gig was more glamorous than most, though.

The "Scandal" star was a nanny before she was cast in the series' pilot, and her boss was none other than Connie Britton.

Britton told E! News in a red carpet interview that Lowes looked after her young son Eyob before being cast as Quinn Perkins on "Scandal." Britton joked, "I was so upset when she got this little pilot. I think it was really pretty selfish on her part, I'll be honest."

So which gig was more intense for Lowes, looking after Britton's baby or having her tooth yanked out in Scandal's latest torture scene? The "Friday Night Lights" star admits that she's a pretty tough boss, saying, "I haven't gotten out my teeth pullers lately, but let's just say that Katie knew they were there. You know what I'm saying? I run a tight ship."

With so much experience, Lowes might be deemed the official on-set babysitter soon. Season 3 of "Scandal" was recently cut short by four episodes, likely due to Kerry Washington's pregnancy.