British Pop Star Katie Melua Finds Spider Living In Her Ear

British Pop Star Finds Spider Living In Her Ear

Can you hear me now?

Good! Hopefully that means there isn't a spider living in one of your ears.

On Oct. 27, after hearing a "rustling" sound in her ear for a week, British pop singer Katie Melua went to the doctor to have it checked out. When they looked into her ear canal, this is what they found, staring right back at them:

Melua, 30, believes the spider crawled into her ear canal when she used some old in-ear monitors to "block out sound on a flight," according to an Instagram post. The spider set up residence for a full seven days. But other than the "occasional shuffling noises," the pop star told her fans, "it was no hassle at all."

Ear canals actually serve as pretty comfy homes for critters, says Philip Koehler, Ph.D., an entomology professor at the University of Florida. Koehler told HuffPost that insects -- or, in this case, arachnids -- "are probably entering the canal as harborage, for heat, and/or for moisture."

Here's another picture of the spider, which Melua said on Instagram was actually "pretty small":

Melua's spokeswoman told MSN that the singer released the spider in her garden, where hopefully there's more to eat.

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