Katie Nolan Calls On Dallas Cowboys To Get Help For Greg Hardy

Because mental health matters more than football.

One could mistake the Dallas Cowboys' irresponsible handling of embattled defensive end Greg Hardy for a total lack of self-awareness. The Cowboys are, as Fox Sports 1's Katie Nolan expertly hashed out in Wednesday night's "Garbage Time" monologue, indeed blinded to Hardy's obvious anger and violence issues, but it's perhaps a bit more purposeful than one may think. 

Nolan, who earlier this month challenged the NFL, Hardy and media to do better in discussing domestic violence, explained on "Garbage Time" that the Cowboys are enabling Hardy and encouraging his anger to get him to play football in a higher, more violent gear. Hardy, however, needs help -- not another dose of "no issue." 

Nolan nails it here:

He needs help. Don’t let Jerry Jones or Jason Garrett or anyone in the Cowboys organization fool you into thinking they support Greg Hardy. They don’t. They support sacks. They’ll say and do whatever they can while he’s in Dallas to get him to keep devastating offensive lineman. And when he’s done doing that, they’ll shove him out the door a worse man than he was when he got there, thanks to their years of enabling him. And then what?

The Cowboys are breaking Hardy while we watch, but it doesn't have to be that way. As Nolan pointed out, there are previous cases in the NFL of players getting mental health treatment and being better off for it.

She used New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall as her main example. Marshall had domestic violence problems in the past, but he sought help and was eventually diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Since, he's advocated for mental health awareness on the field, off the field and even as a blogger on The Huffington Post

As Marshall has proven, better times may await Hardy, but it's up to the Cowboys and the NFL to be proactive in getting him help. 


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