Torn California Rep. Katie Porter Now 'Proud' To Endorse Elizabeth Warren

Warren says she's "grateful down to my toes" for the endorsement from Porter, who also considers Kamala Harris a mentor.

After some suspenseful months, Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) announced Saturday that she’s endorsing Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to be the Democratic presidential candidate. “I’m excited to continue this fight for the middle class with my friend and mentor,” Porter declared Saturday.

“Elizabeth is the person I trust to take on corruption in Washington and I’m proud to announce my endorsement. See you in Iowa next Sunday, @ewarren,” Porter added in a tweet, indicating the two may be stumping together.

Warren responded that she was “grateful down to my toes” for Porter’s endorsement, adding: “I’m glad we’re in this fight together.”

Porter had been holding off on her endorsement because she considers both Warren and home state Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris as her mentors. (She quipped in an appearance with Seth Myers in the video above that Warren was “terrifying” as her professor at Harvard Law School.) When Harris served as attorney general of California, she appointed Porter to be the state’s independent monitor of banks.

“I adore Elizabeth and Kamala,” Porter told HuffPost recently. “I think either of them would be terrific presidents. I’m very enthusiastic and supportive of both of them, and that’s where it stands.”

Porter received endorsements from both senators in her long-shot 2018 bid for Congress in California’s Orange County, which used to be a conservative bastion before Donald Trump moved into the White House.

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