Katina Corrao's Old Headshots Are The Best Part Of Throwback Thursday

Ah, Throwback Thursday ... the day when we all dig deep into our archives to show off our younger, more embarrassing selves. And if you're a comedian or comedy fan in New York City, you might already know that the reigning queen of #TBT is comedian and actress Katina Corrao.

Corrao has a seemingly endless back catalog of old headshots that sort of say everything there is to say about what it's like to be an actor.

"When I started as an 'actress,'" Corrao explained to HuffPost over email, "I kept hearing how I should get used to being a 'character' actress, and not the girl next door or 'ingenue,' a word I had to look up at the time. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing so when my manager told me to get character shots, I took her literally … and for some reason no one, not even my manager, told me that I was DOING IT WRONG. The thing was, never was I trying to be silly or funny. The passion in my eyes was pure determination."

And who among us can't relate to that? Here are a few of our favorites from Corrao's Facebook page, which she kindly gave us permission to share, along with her explanation of each.

Cheerleader, 1999

Let them see the spirited, cheery gal I am inside. Plus, I have the uniform … perfect! Every time I sent this one out I wrote … 3 “Cheers” for Katina!

White Suit, 2000

I have a sexy side and golly people are going to see it and I don’t care if I have to take my shoes off.

Edgy, 2001

I’m not all sunshine and roses. I once wore dark lipstick with liner, dammit.

Feather Boa, 2002

Not only am I an actress, but I’m theatrical … this boa shows you how theatrical I am. Do you see my boa? I love the “Arts."

Old Lady, 1999

This is a character from a play I did in college. I am a woman named Cheryl who worked at her husband’s store, Bob’s Job-o-rama- and disco roller rink. (Pronounced “ROLLA RINK”)

Pink Top, 2000

This is my fresh and clean attempt to get a Tampax commercial, something that keeps me going even to this day. I think I was told to “act natural.”

Katina Corrao can be seen hosting "Lasers In The Jungle" Thursdays at 7:00 at UCB East. You can -- and should -- follow her on Twitter here.