Katt Williams' Anti-Mexican Rant In Phoenix: Comedian Takes On Latino Heckler (VIDEO)

Comedian Goes On Wild Xenophobic Rant

Standup comedy is perhaps the most raw form of entertainment available on a mass scale, with just a small stage separating an audience -- often inebriated -- from the performer. By nature, comedians are often edgy and push boundaries, sometimes rubbing up against the sensibilities of certain viewers -- and occasionally bursting way past even the more liberally drawn line of moral decency.

At a standup performance in Phoenix on Saturday, comedian Katt Williams arguably crossed that line when he got into an argument with a heckler. Once he found out that the offending audience member was of Mexican descent, he went off on a wild tangent, most of which is transcribed here.

In June, Williams was arrested for a stand off with a tractor driver, and later that month, had a meltdown on stage that included "incoherent babbling," ripping off his shirt and doing pushups, Laughspin.com reports.

Watch the video below, and underneath that, find the rough transcription.


"Since y'all like it over here a lot. and I'm saying, if I'm speaking out of line, let me know. But I'm saying it appears to me, y'all like it over here a lot. And let me tell you why I'm making that assumption, because I have no right to make that assumption. But understand this, this what gives me the right, and don't you get it twisted... If y'all had California and you loved it, then you shouldn't have given that mothaf*cka up. You should have fought for California, goddamnit, since you love it..

Because you think I'm dissing Mexico and I'm defending America. Are you Mexican? Do you know where Mexico is? No this ain't Mexico, it used to be Mexico, motherf*cker, and now it's Phoenix, goddammit. USA! USA!

F*ck you back, n*gga. i bet you dont even go to mexico, motha f*cka... no n*gga, do you know where you at? USA! USA! I dont give a f*ck. no n*gga, this is my hood... [security comes] F*ck him! Mothaf*ckas think they can live in this country and pledge allegience to another country... do you remember when white people used to say go back to Africa? And we'd have to tell them we dont want to? So if you love Mexico, bitch, get the f*ck over there! [breaks into the National Anthem]..

We were slaves bitch, you just all work like that at the landscapers... It's not even racial -- you're a bitch! I don't give a f*ck what race that is, that's a p*ssy."

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