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Katy Perry's Best Hair (And Wig) Moments On 'American Idol'

Wig, did you just say wig?

Katy Perry loves a good wig moment. And on this past season of “American Idol,” she gave us plenty.

Almost every week, the “Firework” singer appeared with a new ’do, whether it was her own cropped blonde pixie cut or an extra-long, Cher-inspired wig. She even went full Snow White for Disney week.

In addition to her many wig changes, Perry also made waves online after she shared a bonding moment with “Idol” hopeful Noah Davis over their shared understanding of the term “wig.” For those who don’t know, the top definition of “wig” according to Urban Dictionary is, “Like something exciting or crazy just happened that made you so shocked that your wig flew off so in short: wig!”

The singer also explained the term ― which she called “internet language” ― during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

“Basically when somebody sings really well, and they SING, you know, they sing so well that the wig flies off,” she said. “Sometimes the glue isn’t strong enough to hold the vibrations and the wig flies all across the room.”

Naturally, Perry became an internet meme. But we digress.

The first season of the “Idol” reboot ended Monday night, and we’re still thinking about all the (literal) wigs Perry wore throughout the season.

Scroll through to see Perry’s best hair moments from the show:

Eric Liebowitz via Getty Images
Perry during "Idol" auditions in 2017.
Allen Berezovsky via Getty Images
The singer arriving for the show on April 23, 2018, in Los Angeles.
Allen Berezovsky via Getty Images
Perry in her Snow White garb for the Disney-themed week on "Idol."
Allen Berezovsky via Getty Images
Arriving for "American Idol" on May 6 in Los Angeles.
Allen Berezovsky via Getty Images
Perry on "American Idol" on May 13.
David Livingston via Getty Images
Perry at the show on May 20.
Eric McCandless via Getty Images
Perry performing during the "Idol" finale.
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