Katy Perry Wears A Ballot Dress For Obama Rally Concert In Las Vegas (PHOTOS)

Never before have we seen such opinionated clothing.

Some people like to wear their votes on their sleeves. Others choose to show their political allegiance through jewelry or giant pins. But leave it to Katy Perry to go big or go home: at last night's Obama campaign rally in Las Vegas, Perry dressed up as a literal ballot.

Performing for a crowd of 13,000 Obama supporters at Las Vegas' Doolittle Park, Perry showed her support for the president in a tight white dress with black writing. At the top it read "President of the United States" with each nominee and his running mate listed below. The Obama/Biden ticket was checked off, of course.

This is Perry's second Obama performance this month, having appeared at the "30 Days to Victory" concert on October 7 with the likes of Bon Jovi and Stevie Wonder. But this one took the cake for the wardrobe choice alone -- never before have we seen political style taken so literally.

Also, that pleathery dress looks really, um, warm. How is she not shvitzing? Way to take one for the Obama-Biden Team, Perry.

Check out Katy's ballot dress below. Are you digging the boldly political fashion?


katy perry ballot dress

katy perry ballot dress

katy perry ballot dress

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