Katy Brand: Katy Perry Changing Last Name

Get ready to adjust your iTunes - Katy Perry may soon be no more. The 'Teenage Dream' star is about to make the ultimate grown up move - changing her identity to match her newly wed status. Perry and comedian/actor Russell Brand tied the knot in October in an elaborate celebration in India.

Perry taped an appearance on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' set to air on Wednesday, and when asked by the host if she was going to change her last name to her husband's, the name brand icon said that she was already, "in the process," of doing so.

In fact, the name change may make sense - Perry said that she's already getting called by the Brand surname.

She's called Brand, she told Ellen, "sometimes when people try to get my attention. Like if I'm at an event or something like that and they want special attention. They go, "Mrs. Brand!" and I go shwoosh [looking back]."

It won't be the first name change for Perry; born Kathryn Hudson, she adopted her mother's maiden name, Perry, to avoid confusion with the actress Kate Hudson.

Calling Brand, 'a lot of work," the soon-to-be Mrs. Brand said that her comedian husband is well worth the energy he brings. "He's a smorgasbord of things. A sense of humor is really important in our household. That's how we de-stress and we like to have a laugh."

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