Katy Perry Channels Jessica Rabbit And Poison Ivy At Harper's Bazaar Icons Party

Katy kills it as a redhead.

Katy Perry put on a red wig and managed to channel not one, but two, iconic gingers at the Harper's Bazaar Evening of Fantasy Celebrating Icons event at the Plaza Hotel in New York on Wednesday night. 

The 30-year-old singer first broke out her Jessica Rabbit impression in a sparkling green gown with a thigh-high slit that would make Disney's (arguably) sexiest character proud. 


Later, Perry switched gears and outfits as she performed a 30-minute set at the party, looking a lot like "Batman" villain Poison Ivy in a green strapless gown covered in leaves and butterflies. 

"I always feel like an outcast or a black sheep because I'm no longer sample size," she told the crowd. 'This next song is a song I want you to remember when you're going about your day and you rip your pants, you have two Band-Aids fall off of the back of your heel, you're sweating, there's coffee all over your blouse. I'm talking about all the assistants here. And you feel, maybe, like a little plastic bag."

Perry later donned a pink wig and a little black dress before hitting up Le Bain and The Boom Boom Room at The Standard Hotel. 

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Splash News

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