Katy Perry's Dad Defends Her Against Angry Christian Mom

The woman claims Perry is sending her fans to hell.

Katy Perry's dad, preacher Keith Hudson, was confronted in Phoenix this week by an angry woman who accused him of raising a Satanic woman who has "led millions to hell."

The woman, identified only as Christine, recorded the confrontation and it was posted online. (Note: She addresses Hudson by calling him "the daughter of Katy Perry.") In the video, Hudson's rep/assistant tries to steer Christine out of the way, but of course, it doesn't work. She just keeps on talking. 

"You claim to have a ministry?!" she asks. "Minister your daughter, because that is needed more than ever." 

She continues, "She [Katy Perry] is taking you to hell right along with her." 

Christine just doesn't quit, and goes on to essentially blame Hudson for her son's hell-bound fate. 

"I am rebuking you!" she says. "Because my kid watches your kid's videos and it's sending him to hell, because of the choice he made because of your daughter and your lack of discernment and direction. Shame on you!" 

Right, because the choices her son made are somehow Hudson's fault. Interesting logic. But Hudson handles the whole situation with a calm, collected attitude, which couldn't have been easy. 

Hudson told TMZ the encounter was one of his most vicious, and he thought Christine was going to physically assault him. He also admitted that he feels sorry for her. 

You can hear the entire rant in the video above. 

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