Katy Perry Divorce Final From Russell Brand

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are officially over.

According to E! Online, the celeb couple's 14-month union was officially dissolved Monday, six months after the couple signed their divorce judgement in February. Brand had filed for divorce from the pop star last December, citing irreconcilable differences.

Last week, US Weekly reported that disagreements over starting a family played a role in the split. "[Russell] feels there's no point in being married if you don't have kids," an unnamed source told the magazine, adding that, at 37, the British comedian was "ready to move on."

But the pair have put up a remarkably amicable front since news of their split emerged. When they settled their divorce in February, Perry reportedly signed the divorce docs with a smiley face, and Brand requested no money from his former wife, even though -- because they had no prenup -- he may have been entitled to half of what the popstar had earned during their marriage. Brand also reportedly gave Perry rights to the $6.5 million home they bought while married.

In April, Brand opened up about the divorce, telling Ellen DeGeneres that he still loved his ex-wife "as a human being."

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