Katy Perry Shuts Down Trump's Biggest Debate Brag With Just 2 Words

If Twitter followers were votes, America has already spoken.

Donald Trump spent part of Sunday night’s debate boasting about how many followers he has on social media. 

When asked if he had the discipline to be a good leader, Trump gave a long and rambling answer that ended with a brag about how he had a combined 25 million followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Katy Perry was unimpressed.

The pop star responded ― where else ― on Twitter to NBC’s Ronan Farrow, who had tweeted about Trump’s brag: 

Perry, a Hillary Clinton supporter, has 93.4 million on Twitter and another 71 million on Facebook. 

Farrow replied: 

By Trump’s standards, America has already spoken. See you on inauguration day, President Perry. 

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