Katy Perry Home: Pop Star Buys Multiple Properties In The Hollywood Hills (PHOTOS)

Pop mega-star Katy Perry is the proud new owner of $11.2 million worth of real estate in the Hollywood Hills. She is most definitely now a California Gurl.

Perry bought two properties -- neither was listed for sale at the time -- that include two houses on three adjoining lots that tip the acreage scales at about four. For LA, that's a lot of land. Oil heiress Aileen Getty was the seller. The smaller of the homes was once owned by Springsteen drummer/Conan O'Brien band leader Max Weinberg, who bought it from Jake and Maggie's Gyllenhaal's now-divorced parents. It's LA musical chairs!

Perry purchased the properties last month in a blind trust, with her manager Bernie Gudvi as the trustee. He has been the trustee on at least one other property she owns.

As for what the mistress of song intends to do with all her new space is anyone's guess. We're too busy trying to make sense of today's news blaming her for for breaking up Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

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Katy Perry's New Land