Katy Perry's 'International Smile' Is Basically 'Almost Famous' Fanfic

Katy Perry's "International Smile" was inspired by Mia Moretti, Perry's friend and a world-class DJ, but it could just as easily be about "Almost Famous."

It's not a big leap: "International Smile" makes direct reference to Penny Lane, the character Kate Hudson plays in Cameron Crowe's film, in its second verse ("Yeah, she runs the place like Penny Lane / Yeah you lucky if you're on her plane"). A later verse reads like "Almost Famous" script notes:

She's got that, je ne sais quoi, you know it

So tres chick, yeah, she's a classic

But she's footloose and so fancy free

'Cause she's the muse and the artist

Always leaves a trail of stardust

'Cause she's a little bit of Yoko, and she's a little bit a "oh no"

Is there any reason to also mention the "International Smile" chorus, where Perry sings about her protagonist being "a one-way ticket"? (Penny, of course, buys a one-way ticket to Morocco.) What about the part toward the end of the song, where a flight attendant implores the listener to empty his or her champagne glass, a moment that recalls Penny reciting faux take-off announcements -- while speaking French, mind you -- during an "Almost Famous" party scene? The similarities here are simply incindiary. Incendiary. Way to go, Katy.




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