Katy Perry Says Her Video With John Mayer Is 'More Authentic' Than Kimye's 'Bound 2'

Katy Perry and John Mayer appeared on Friday's edition of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and while discussing their new video for Mayer's "Who You Love," which features the couple riding a bull, Perry couldn't help but respond to comparisons to another famous couple's music video with a diss.

When DeGeneres asked if their video was, "a response to Kim and Kanye's 'Bound 2'," Perry said it was.

"Yes. I thought our response was a little bit more authentic because my hair was blowing in the right direction, though," Perry said as the audience roared with laughter.

In the "Bound 2" video, West and Kardashian ride a motorcycle together, with Kardashian facing backwards yet the wind is somehow blowing her hair behind her head. While the much talked about video was parodied by Seth Rogen and James Franco, who did a shot-for-shot remake they titled "Bound 3," Perry's claim that "Bound 2" is inauthentic may actually be a compliment to West's vision.

"I wanted to take white trash t-shirts and make it into a video." West explained during an interview with Power 105. "Yes. I wanted it to look as phony as possible. I wanted the clouds to go in one direction, the mountains to go in another, the horses to go over there, I wanted to show that this is the 'Hunger Games,' this is the type of imagery that's being presented to all of us, the only difference is there's a black dude in the middle of it."

So perhaps Perry wasn't really throwing shade at all, but we also couldn't help but notice that Kimye weren't the only ones dissed during the Perry-Mayer segment on DeGeneres' show. For the second time in as many TV interviews, Mayer took a shot at his own girlfriend.

"This is why I don't need to talk at home. This is why voice messages are just fine. I get these chestnuts," Mayer said as Perry laughed and looked visibly confused and uncomfortable.

When the couple premiered their video on "Good Morning America," on Dec. 17, Mayer pretty much revealed he's doesn't think very much of Perry's music:

"I come in the studio and she plays stuff and I go," putting his hands over his mouth as though he was about to vomit. "And then I'll hear a melody, 'cause she'll be writing something, I'll hear a melody and I'll be like, 'Don't...don't...' She, she was f**king...And I'll go, 'Come 'ere, come 'ere, come 'ere, I sang this into my iPhone while you were in there, just check it out.'"

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