Internet Conspiracy Theorists Think Katy Perry Is Actually JonBenét Ramsey

They kind of look alike, so they MUST be the same person. Right?
Obviously, the same person.
Obviously, the same person.

These days, you can seemingly find a conspiracy theory for anything on the Internet. For example, according to people on the web, Beyoncé was never actually pregnant, Chris Brown never attacked Rihanna and Nicki Minaj is actually Jay Z. But the latest piece of speculation making its way around the web is especially bizarre: JonBenét Ramsey, the child pageant queen who was murdered in 1996, grew up to be pop princess Katy Perry.

The Kernel took a deep dive into the wacky world of this theory. If bizarre long reads about the entertainment industry's dark secrets are your thing, it's definitely worth a read. But for your easy reading pleasure, we've compiled the most ~telling~ points below.

1. JonBenét's murder was a hoax

In a video posted by YouTuber Dave Johnson in December 2014, which The Kernel reports is one of earliest videos on the subject, a narrator claims that Ramsey's parents, who are actually Katy's parents, staged their daughter's death with some sort of "masonic play."

The narrator also clarifies that "nobody died, nobody got hurt." Instead, Ramsey was sacrificed, in name only, in return for becoming a star.

2. Katy Perry and JonBenét Ramsey look alike

In the same video as above, the narrator blatantly states, "JonBenét Ramsey became Katy Perry. That's a fact."

The video, which is sitting at just over 45,000 views, essentially brings up the point that Perry and Ramsey look alike. Images of the "California Girls" singer and Ramsey flash on the screen, leading up to a Photoshopped cross-fade of their faces, which obviously proves the two are the same person. Obviously. Never mind the fact that Perry, born in 1984 would've been 12 when Ramsey died, at age 6, in 1996...

3. Perry and Ramsey's parents also look alike

Johnson's video also points out, multiple times, that both Perry's and Ramsey's parents look alike, meaning they must be the same people. Perry's dad just shaved her head, and her mom just lost some weight. Duh.

4. Perry and Ramsey have similar eyebrows

YouTuber Jungle Surfer, whose video "JON BENET RAMSAY KATY PERRY VERY CLOSE," aims to support Johnson's claims. His main source of proof? Perry's eyebrows.

"You know, the eyebrows don’t change much on a person. You’re born with your eyebrows," says a faceless voice in the video. "They're very close, very close indeed, aren't they?"

For good measure, the voice also notes, "As you know, this whole entertainment industry is just a charade -- you really don’t know the truth."

5. Perry's true identity is revealed in one of her biographies

Another YouTube video by user VK 33 points out how a line from Perry's memoir is the only proof we need to see that she's actually Ramsey.

The quote in the book, which refers to Perry writing songs at an early age, reads: "Not that I was one of those stage kids. There was no JonBenét Ramsey inside of me waiting to burst out."


Thankfully, VK 33 is here to offer this salient point: "The Illuminati always puts out clues hidden in plain sight."

6. Perry and Ramsey both know the lyrics to "God Bless America"

In 2006, Perry tweeted the following:

As it turns out, those are the lyrics to "God Bless America" which is the same damn song Ramsey once sang at one of her pageants. There's even video of it online. Is your mind blown yet?

Aside from all that, VK 33 also makes connections between Perry's music videos and Ramsey, noting the common themes of rebirth that appear.

Now what?

Well, now that you know the truth about Katy Perry, you can either lose yourself in an Internet black hole trying to find more "clues" and proof, or you can lose yourself in a regular Internet black hole, filled with photos of cats and frog memes.

The Huffington Post has reached out to Katy Perry's rep for a comment concerning this theory.

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