Katy Perry Says She's 'Not Single' On 'American Idol'

So that means she and Orlando Bloom are definitely on again -- right?

Even though it was a poorly kept secret, Katy Perry made waves Monday by saying she was “not single” during the “American Idol” finale.

With that, the singer confirmed she and Orlando Bloom are really, really together again after pulling the plug on their relationship last year. We think.

HuffPost has reached out to Perry and Bloom’s reps, but we’re not holding our breath for a reply. 

Meantime, let there be peace in knowing that the “Roar” singer is happily attached to someone, somewhere. 

The admission emerged during a joking exchange between Perry and “Idol” guest Becca Kufrin of “The Bachelorette.” (Remember when she got jilted on “The Bachelor”?)

Perry asked Kufrin if she could be in the running to win her heart on the upcoming dating show, according to outlets. “Yes, I’ll give you all my roses,” Kufrin cracked.

“I’m not single, but I still like you,” Perry said.

Last month, Perry and “Pirates of the Caribbean” star Bloom were seen meeting the pope, so perhaps they’ve taken their relationship reboot up a notch since then. 



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