Katy Perry Nude Look: Singer Tones It Down In Sexy But Modest Dress (PHOTOS)

Well, nude AND sparkly, to be fair.

Katy Perry slipped into the nude last night... on the red carpet. In a dress, we mean.

The 28-year-old singer glittered up the red carpet at Sunday night's Trevor Live event hosted by the Trevor Project, an organization devoted to providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBT youth.

"We're honoring her because, really, she has done so much to empower youth," said Trevor Project CEO Abbe Land. "A couple of years ago when, unfortunately, a lot of young suicides made the news - and there was a very visible presence of suicide - Katy stepped up and was out there in the community, speaking against it. Her support of marriage equality -- and equality for everyone, really - is one of the many reasons we're supporting her as our hero this year."

Style-wise, Perry's long nude gown sparkled in an understated way -- as understated as a flesh-toned dress can be -- and her dark natural hair was braided and free of any rainbow stripes. Katy's played the nude card before -- remember this totally see-through bodysuit? But either way, we approve of anything that gets her in a sexy dress.


katy perry nude

katy perry

katy perry

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