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Katy Perry Back In 2002 Dressed A Whole Lot Like Us (PHOTOS)

Before the whipped cream bra, before the blue hair and before the light-up dress, Katy Perry was just a barefaced girl with flared jeans and a graphic tee.

Katy Perry turns 29 today, which she can celebrate with her smoldering new W cover, her popular new album or the fact that she gets to date her "crush" John Mayer in real life. But we're choosing to mark Katy's big day with a quick look back at her style before she established her signature wild look.

Back in 2002, Katy Perry was Katy Hudson, and she showed up to portrait sessions wearing light flared jeans, Converse sneakers and a casual t-shirt. With barely any makeup on and her hair in a shaggy undone style, this girl reminds us a whole lot of ourselves back in the day.


katy perry old photos

katy perry 2002

This is the Katy we're more familiar with:

Katy Perry's Wildest Looks

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