Katy Perry Reveals Orlando Bloom's Worst Bathroom Habit 'And It's Disgusting'

The "Lord of the Rings" star leaves them all over the place.

Katy Perry is done with one of fiancé Orlando Bloom’s bathroom habits.

The British actor leaves used dental floss “everywhere,” the “Roar” singer told Heart FM radio station on Monday.

“He loves to floss, which, thank God, because some partners don’t, and it’s disgusting and he has brilliant teeth,” Perry told hosts Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden.

“But he leaves the floss everywhere,” she continued.

“Lord of the Rings” star Bloom, according to Perry at least, leaves floss “on my side of the bed, and in the car and on the kitchen table.”

“I’m like, ’There (are) bins everywhere,” she added.

Watch the interview here:

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