Katy Perry Jump Ropes While Performing 'Roar' In Australia

It looks like Katy Perry is taking that eye of the tiger stuff very seriously. While performing "Roar" at the Sydney Opera House in Australia, Perry took a break from belting out her hit single to get in a cardio workout: Perry picked up a jump rope, channeled her inner Rocky and skipped rope without missing a beat (and while wearing heels).

The singer is in Australia to perform "Roar" and "Unconditionally" on "The X-Factor Australia." Her new album, "Prism," was released on Oct. 23 and is expected to rise to the top of the Billboard charts on Oct. 30 with a predicted 275,000 albums sold.

Perry turned 29 last week, and also seems to have changed her views on female pop stars. In an interview with NPR, she said that "everybody's getting naked." While she doesn't deny that she too has done the same, she doesn't think she needs to do it to be noticed.

To see Perry jump rope, watch the video above.



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