Katy Perry Sports Spooky Makeup At Knott's Scary Farm (PHOTOS)

Guess Who?

Katy Perry had the "scariest" night of her life at Knott's Scary Farm on Sunday.

Dressed up as a skeleton in full face makeup, the 26-year-old singer found the perfect way to make her rounds around the haunted theme park virtually unrecognized.

Perry tweeted a photo of herself asking, "Be honest with me, do I look tired?"

Katy and friends weren't completely unrecognized, some fans recognized her. Tumblr user, Randomvince27, wrote on his blog:

"Last night Katy Perry and Russell Brand went on Xcelerator 8] (sic) I got to see them and talk to them, they had their faces painted so they couldn’t be noticed. Katy asked one of my coworkers to make out with her but he didn’t know it was her so he turned it down, my supervisor called him an idiot hahaha."

Sounds like Katy had a lot of fun going incognito.


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