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Katy Perry Super Bowl 2012: Wacky In Red, White And Blue (PHOTOS)

While Madonna flitted around stage in muted Givenchy with a gaggle of other celebrities, Katy Perry arrived solo for Sunday's Super Bowl festivities, but that doesn't mean girlfriend looked the least bit glum.

Katy parlayed her outlandish fashion tastes into this cartoonishly patriotic ensemble: a red and white football jersey dress, complete with red and white shoes. (An idea cribbed from Kat Von D?) She didn't stop there, adding giant red sunglasses and a sequined jersey jacket with her name emblazoned on the back.

And her hair? Blue, natch.

Katy also bypassed subtlety for Saturday night's NFL Honors awards, looking cozy in a huge purple fur wrap and a bright dress.

Perry tweeted that the game was a "spiritual experience"; we're guessing her wild outfit was part of the thrill. Check out pics today!


Katy Perry @ Super Bowl