Katy Perry Talks Wearing No Makeup, Avoids Sex Questions (VIDEO)

Katy Perry takes it all off in her upcoming 3-D documentary, "Part of Me" -- all her makeup that is.

We got a sneak peek at the fresh-faced singer last week, and WiLD 94.9's Nessa recently caught up with Perry, who revealed she really wanted to showcase her true self in the documentary.

"I took my makeup off! Oh, everyone is screaming around the world, 'The horror,'" she said jokingly, adding that she wasn't scared to show her bare face. "Look, I don't always want to look bloated with zits, but it's real, it's human, right? We're not always so pretty, and sometimes that can bring people together."

To illustrate this point, Perry observed that the first time you get food poisoning in front of a new love interest, the awkwardness and embarrassment of the situation can often create a vulnerability that strengthens the relationship.

Later in the interview, Nessa quizzed Perry, and we quickly learned that she knows how to "twerk," her favorite popsicle flavors are pina colada and strawberry daiquiri, and she likes a good boy over a bad boy, although "sometimes you get bored."

However Perry wouldn't give up the goods when asked if she ever had a threesome, or what her favorite sex position is. Katy did reveal, however, that she doesn't listen to her own music during sex.

"I'm not a narcissist," she shouted. "OK, I'm a narcissist, but that would be over the line. Having sex to your own song, that's horrible. I'm a good Christian girl."

If you're wondering if Perry and her good pal Rihanna are ever going to put out a song together, you might be disappointed. "No, but we're going to have sex," she deadpanned when asked about a potential collaboration.

Katy Perry