Here's The 'No. 1' Thing You Didn't Know About Katy Perry

Finally, an account of what it's actually like to party with Katy Perry on a Friday night.

Katy Perry debuted “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)” just over five years ago. For the music video, Perry played a teen with prominent braces who throws a party in her parents’ house.

On Thursday, I got to interview actress and comedian Anna Akana, who played an extra in that Perry video. It’s now Friday, thank God, so here’s what Akana said happened when she partied with Perry ...

“I think we were on set for like 15 hours and we had to keep jumping and singing ‘T.G.I.F.’” Akana said during our chat on AOL Build, adding with a laugh, “It was just like, ‘We want to go home.’”

Akana, who got the part because she was friends with Perry’s brother, said she didn’t really interact with the pop star on set. But she did observe a running joke Perry kept making.

“Katy Perry kept joking on set, calling herself ‘No. 1’ on the call sheet,” Akana explained. “So she’d be like, ‘No. 1’s hungry. No. 1 wants a coffee,’ just as like a joke.’”

Akana recently premiered a new series with go90 called “Miss 2059.” Apparently she aped Perry’s recurring gag during her own shoot.

Watch Anna Akana’s full AOL Build interview below. 



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